Money Management

Setting enough money aside for the future you? Tips on how to set a budget that helps you realize your goals and how to achieve financial independence.

Point & Reward Schemes

Regardless of your income you likely enjoy getting what I refer to as “free money”. This comes in various forms such as cashback, air miles, free airport lounge visit, and other benefits. I will review credit cards to highlight pros and cons.

Saving & Investing

Walkthrough of how investing works and what it means to invest in your future. The steps that can help you towards a stronger financial situation.


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Diversified portfolio to reduce risk

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Long term investing

Conservative analysis

Balanced Growth

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Who is how to getloaded

How To Getloaded website is 100% owned and driven by myself, Brian Randrup. The goal is to help others become money savvy though money management tips and reward schemes that can improve your financial situation and lifestyle. Any advertisement and referral links help fund this website – your clicks are greatly appreciated!

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