There are so many ways to get a better vacation without spending extra. Below I have summarised some of the ways you can travel in style while also saving money.

Save on insurance for rental cars

Depending on your credit card provider or financial institute you may be able to add insurance coverage for rental cars. This can be a big money saver as rental companies when travelling in places like the United States charge up to $15 per day for insurance. Adding the coverage to your credit card is often much cheaper than paying for it through the rental car company.

Travel Insurance

If you tend to travel more than once per year it is typically cheaper to buy a full year insurance coverage for travel than paying for travel insurance per trip. Some banks or credit card may already include travel insurance, avoiditing the need to pay for travel insurance altogether (FREE MONEY!). But… Remember to read the policy, so you are aware of the coverage provided and any limitations, so it meets your needs.

HSBC and NatWest both offer travel insurance for certain current account customers in United Kingdom, and your bank may have similar offers.

Card fees

Typically banks charge customers foreign exchange fees when customers use their cards abroad. The fee may vary per bank but usually this is around 2.75% of the amount charged. Depending on your spending pattern you may be able to save a decent amount of money by using a card from providers that do not charge this fee on spendings abroad. Revolut and Barclays are examples of this.


Most of the big hotel chains offer loyalty schemas which offers a range of perks and money saving benefits. Marriott’s Bonvoy reward scheme earns you points that can be used to pay for stays, late checkouts and other benefits.


Most of the major airlines either share reward schemes e.g. Star Alliance and One World, or third party reward programs AVOIS, which all compete with offering loyal customers extra perks.

AVIOS point schema enable members to spend points towards new bookings, lowering the amount you have to pay. Another common benefit among airline reward schemes is free upgrade and priority boarding.

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