Are you paying for mobile insurance? Did you know that you can get similar insurance for less through your bank and save money?

If you have tried to have your phone stolen or experienced having damaged your phone, you will likely opt in to insurance offered by your mobile network such as Vodafone. But have you checked whether your mobile network ripping you off before agreeing to it?

Some banks in the UK offer a similar level of mobile insurance for less than you might think.

Let’s say you have bought the latest iPhone or Samsung phone. Vodafone might offer you mobile insurance with “Theft, Loss, Damage & Breakdown” coverage. This can cost you up to £18 per month – yikes.

At NatWest you can get the same insurance coverage for £10 a month – that is £8 less each month! Money you can either put towards your savings or something else. The account even comes with European travel insurance on top at no extra cost. The bank account I am referring to here is the Reward Silver current account offered by NatWest.

The cost can drop to just £5 a month if you have 2 or more Direct Debits set up plus use the mobile app to log into your account. That is, mobile insurance AND travel insurance for just £5 a month compared to £18 by Vodafone. A whopping £13 saving per month, or a £156 annual saving for very little effort.

The monthly price for the NatWest account can drop to £5, if you can earn £4 a month back in Rewards for setting up two or more Direct Debits. Two of those Direct Debits need to be at least £2 each. Plus, you can earn an extra £1 a month back in Rewards with one mobile app login. That’s up to £5 a month to spend on whatever you like.

Open a NatWest Reward Silver Current Account | NatWest Bank Accounts

There are other current accounts with same or better perks at NatWest but Silver account alone already offers so much more value than Vodafone does.

Other banks may offer similar perks so I can only encourage you to look around before you accept insurance from your mobile network.

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