It is important to understand that the following key figures mentioned in this article may vary and that it is therefore not possible to directly compare key figures from company A with company B if they operate in separate industries.

The 3 key figures will often be at a higher level for companies in industries with high growth than for companies in industries where growth is limited.

Price / Earning – P / E

Shows how much a price you pay at the current share price for a profit of 1 kroner when buying a share.

Price / Earning = Stock price / Result per. shares
Result per share = Profit for the year / Number of shares at the end

Price / Net asset value – K / I

Shows the relationship between price and the company’s intrinsic value. Net asset value is the equity associated with each share.

Price / net asset value = Stock price / Net asset value
Net asset value per share = Equity at the end / Number of shares at the end

The price / net asset value ratio helps to show how much the market is willing to pay to own the value of “net asset value per share”.

Price / Cashflow per share

Typically calculated from cash flow from operations.

Price / Cashflow per share = Stock price / Cash flow per. shares

  • Shows how much a shareholder pays for $1 liquidity

Cash flow per share = Cash flow from operations / Number of shares at the end

  • Shows how much the company generates cash from operations.
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