Calculate Your FIRE Number

Not familiar with FIRE? Read the article on Financial Independence, Retire Early. Estimating how much you need to retire early can be tricky. Research on this topic was conducted in the “Trinity Study” which showed that a person can calculate how much they need to retire by dividing annual expenses by 4%. The 4% is […]

Travel in Style and Save on Fees

. There are so many ways to get a better vacation without spending extra. Below I have summarised some of the ways you can travel in style while also saving money. Save on insurance for rental cars Depending on your credit card provider or financial institute you may be able to add insurance coverage for […]

7 ways to save money

There is a number of ways that you could save more money. Some are easy to do while others require a higher sacrifice. Review Subscriptions Make a list of all subscriptions you currently have. Have you forgotten some of the subscriptions you are still paying for? Cancelling unused subscriptions or those that you no longer […]

Saving for Retirement in UK

How much do I need to retire? This depends on a number of factors including the expected number of years in retirement and expenses to cover the quality of life you seek in retirement. A conversation with your financial advisor is highly recommended to cover this in detail. The Half Your Age rule is frequently […]

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