There is a number of ways that you could save more money. Some are easy to do while others require a higher sacrifice.

Review Subscriptions

Make a list of all subscriptions you currently have. Have you forgotten some of the subscriptions you are still paying for? Cancelling unused subscriptions or those that you no longer find interesting can help you cut spendings. Subscriptions include newspapers, streaming, only gaming.

Please read my article on Creating a Personal Budget Plan to see how easy it is to get an overview of spendings.

Buy in bulk or On Sale

  • Buy meat in bulk and cut into portions before placing in the freezer.
  • Waiting till things go on sale is another tip.


Use a cashback card to earn as you spend and use the cashback to pay off your card balance. Many banks in United Kingdom and the United States have reward programmes associated with credit cards or bank accounts. The amount of cashback vary but generally it involves very little effort to accrue cashbacks once you sign up.

Loyalty Schemas

Take advantage of loyalty schemes. Some allow you to pay with points, others give preferential rates. American Express provide a higher cash value if using earned points to pay off the card balance. Other examples include Avios to pay for flights, and

Internet service

Choose a cheaper Internet service. This could be finding a great deal or possibly downgrading the speed. Use price portals like USwitch or GoCompare


  • Shop for cheaper for utilities contract. Again, USwitch or GoCompare can help you find those better rates.
  • Reduce consumption of water by taking shorter showers. Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Turn off electric devices running in standby mode when going away for a longer period.

Downsizing Housing

Downsizing flat or move to area with cheaper rent or house prices. If buying a house with lower price than the selling price of your current you may be able to reduce your debt also but beware of agent and moving fees, and other associated costs.

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