How much do I need to retire?

This depends on a number of factors including the expected number of years in retirement and expenses to cover the quality of life you seek in retirement. A conversation with your financial advisor is highly recommended to cover this in detail.

The Half Your Age rule is frequently highlighted by financial experts when discussing how much to contribute to pension plan.

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How much can I contribute to my pension?

In the United Kingdom there is a cap on how much you can contribute each year to private pensions. This is also referred to as the annual allowance for pension. In the tax year 2022/23 the annual allowance was set to £40,000 and covers all pension contributions including the ones made by your employer.

Source: HMRC

When can I go on retirement?

In theory you can go on retirement at any time but you may not be able to claim your public pension or private pensions before a certain age. Typically the earliest you can claim your private pension is at the age of 55.

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