Passive Income

Income generated from activities other than through employment (job or contracting), can be considered as passive income. Majority of passive income is generated through savings and investments. Examples of passive income sources: Interest Income from Banks Earning interest on the money sitting your bank account is not automatic. It requires active decision by you picking […]

The Half Your Age Rule for Pension

The “half your age” rule refers to the percentage of your pre-tax salary you should contribute when starting to save for retirement. In other words, you have 0 in your pension plan and want to have an indicator for how in percentage terms you need to contribute on a regular basis for a moderate retirement. […]

Save £150+ Each Year Money on Mobile Insurance

Are you paying for mobile insurance? Did you know that you can get similar insurance for less through your bank and save money? If you have tried to have your phone stolen or experienced having damaged your phone, you will likely opt in to insurance offered by your mobile network such as Vodafone. But have […]

Earn 20,000 in passive income by investing

Investing regularly in the stock market can help generate additional income also described as passive income. Over the last 50 years the stock market has on average generated an average yearly return of around 7%, or 10% if reinvesting dividends. This has been calculated by looking back how the market has generated return during the […]

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